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招生系別資訊/ Admission Information

Hwa Hsia University of Technology has three colleges with a total of 8 departments and 2 graduate institutes accepting international students for the academic year of 2022.
The total number of students to be accepted are about 52.
四年制 系所 (128學分) Undergraduate (4 years bachelor / 128 credits)
機械工程系 Department of Mechanical Engineering
電機工程系 Department of Electrical Engineering
資訊工程系 Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
智慧車輛系 Department of Intelligent Vehicles
資訊管理系 Department of Information Management
建築系 Department of Architecture
數位媒體設計系 Department of Digital Media Design
化妝品應用系 Department of Applied Cosmetology
二年制 系所 (72學分) Undergraduate (2 years bachelor / 72 credits)
電機工程系 Department of Electrical Engineering
資訊管理系 Department of Information Managemen
研究所 (2年 / 30學分) Postgraduate (2 years / 30 credits)
企業管理系資產與物業管理研究所 Graduate Institute of Assets and Property Management(MA)
智慧型機器人研究所 Graduate Institute of Intelligent Robotics(MA)
Admission Quotas:Bachelor’s degree: 43 students; 2 years bachelor degree: 7 students; Master’s degree: 2students.
Duration of study: Bachelor’s degree: 4 to 6 years; Master’s degree: 1 to 4 years
Admission: There are two semesters in an academic year. The first semester (Fall) begins around the middle of September until the middle of January; the second semester (Spring) begins around the middle of February until the end of June.
International applicants admitted to the spring semester will attend classes with their peers of the same grade level. No extra course is offered.
All the courses are taught in Chinese. Applicants should have adequate listening, reading, speaking and writing proficiency in Chinese at a level necessary for academic studies.
Hwa-Hsia University of Technology will examine applications supported by a junior college diploma or academic credentials equivalent to a college diploma, and such applicants may apply for credit transfer after being admitted as freshmen or transfer students. Affairs related to credit transfer,transferring to a higher grade level, and academic studies should be subject to the Regulations for Credit Transfer by Students at Hwa-Hsia University of Technology and the Academic Rules of Hwa-Hsia University of Technology.
貳、招生簡章資訊/ Application Information

Application Information



參、招生日程/ Application Timelines
項目 說明

秋季班 (2022年9月入學 )

Fall semester (September 2022)


 Application Deadline 


 July 15, 2022


 Admission Notification 

 2022 年8 月5 日(星期五)

 August 05, 2022


 Start date of Fall semester

 2022年 9 月中旬

 around middle of September, 2022

春季班 (2023年2月入學 )

Spring semester (February  2023)


  Application Deadline

 December 23, 2022


  Admission Notification


 January 17, 2023


 Start date of Spring semester


  around middle of February, 2023


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肆、聯絡資訊/ Contact  Information 

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